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The Bread

This is one of our most “strange” ingredients for our menu items. Legally I am required to say that it is a bread is made from a unique type of wheat and processed using advanced technology and that that is why it glows in the dark or something to that effect. But, the truth is that we….don’t know where this bread came from exactly. Hans and I simply stumbled on to it one day after wrestling some frisky moose in the mountains. From the sky itself, came down a pack of seeds and a loaf of bread. It is a bread that is as soft as a cloud yet is nearly indestructible to any ill harm outside of consumption. And TRUST US, we’ve literally tried everything to figure out what this thing is We’d almost say it’s like magic, but then that leads to…the legal issue in the room.

Now I am also legally obligated to say that “despite its particular origins, this loaf of bread does not invalidate any and/or all religious groups, beliefs, ideals, pets, deities, and/or philosophies. Bolt Burger and its staff do not express any interest in proving or denouncing such beliefs with the existence of this bread, sell simply wish to sell it to make sandwiches and other kinds of meals that are dangerous and nutritious. Good thing too, some military suits wanted to their hands on it. Knowing them, they’ll make it into armor or shock absorbers, instead of seeing how much explosives these things can withstand like us.


Plus, it's fun to shoot this bread lazers

It's not the most visuos of our products, but it seems to be our most popular. Hans and I keep trying to take it off the menu to tinker with it, but Terra stops us at every turn. Something about breaking even and overhead. So this mysterious baked good it here to stay