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The Meat

Our meat here at Bolt Burger is NOT made with the typical vimpy ground cow that many chains employ for their inferior patties. No, our meat is of a modified home recipe of “Bear Sandwiches” A true protein treasure that can only naturally be earned by fighting said bear to the death for a truly flavorful experience.

Sadly, we realized in our early developments of the brand that bear meat is highly greasy with a lot of fat compared to the bovine staple, and no one seemed eager to share in a good sparring match with a bear to work off the indulgence. So instead we combined other more suitable meats to compensate for this oversight. Specifically that of cougar and moose. The ratios and meat types are only known by Hans, myself, and our sister Terra.

But this wouldn’t be Bolt Burger if all there was to your meat sandwich were some grilled hybrid patty. Traditional methods proved to do little to nothing to improve our burgers to our standards of nutrition or flavor. That is, until we threw out the grill and zapped our patties with 10,000 volts of electricity!

Not only does this give our meat it’s unique flavor, but also ends up zapping all of those pesky things like sat fat and a lack of a blood-filled tendency to kill. Making our burgers tasty and great sparring partners.